Family Law

Family law is the set of laws that govern a person’s marriage, divorce, custody, Alimony, proof of paternity, Inheritance matters, and anything related to the family matters.
We provide our full legal assistance, consultancy, and representation to our clients in all Family Law matters and cases.
We aim to achieve an amicable settlement between the parties seeking divorce before going to the court.
We guarantee full confidentiality to our clients, and family secrets are kept private, during and after the divorce procedure.
Our team is experienced in dealing with disputes over the custody and visitation rights of children of divorced or separated parents.
Our team is a specialist in Alimony as we file such cases either before or during the divorce. In addition, we file for the maintenance of all the dependents of a person, including their children, and their parents.
We are also specialists in the solving of all challenges arising in the matters of inheritance.