Administrative & Constitutional Appeals

Administrative Appeals

In Ihqaq, We have a Specialist team in providing administrative appeals before the Administrative Court. Our team has filed appeals against administrative decisions, the first of their kinds in Jordan.

Our specialties include:

  • Appeal against the results of the elections of council bodies of Commerce and Industry chambers, unions, associations,  clubs registered in the kingdom, and other elections that are conducted in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Appeal against the final administrative decisions regarding the recruitment in public jobs, promotions, transfers, assignments, secondments, Installations, and classifications.
  • Appeals of public officials concerning the abolition of final administrative decisions relating to the termination of their services or suspension from work.
  • Appeals of public officials concerning the revocation of the final decisions that are issued against them by the disciplinary authorities.
  • Appeals related to the salaries, allowances, rewards, annual increases and pension rights accrued to public officials, retirees or their heirs.
  • The Demand of the cancellation of any  regulation  or instructions or decision based on the following:
    -The violation of the regulation to the law issued thereunder.
    -The violation of the instructions to the law or the regulation issued thereunder.
    -The violation of the decision to the law or the regulation or the instructions issued thereunder.
  • The demand of the cancellation of the final administrative decisions even if they are immune under the law(s) issued thereunder.
  • Claims for damages as a result of the decisions and actions mentioned above.

In addition, any other Appeals within the jurisdiction of the Administrative Court.

Constitutional Appeals

The jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court includes the oversight the constitutionality of the applicable laws and regulations, and the interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution.

In Ihqaq, we have a specialist team in providing defenses against the unconstitutionality of any law(s) or regulation(s) that is/are applicable to the substance of any case.

Our services include helping others and cooperating with them regarding the drafting and submission of defenses against the unconstitutionality of any law or regulation, and the preparation of studies on the constitutionality of any law or regulation.

Appeal against the results of the parliamentary elections

In Ihqaq, we have a legal and practical experience to challenge the results of the parliamentary elections before the competent judicial authorities.


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