Murad G. Abed Al-Kareem

Tamleel CPA, Managing Director


  • Bachelors of Accounting-PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY, 1994-1998.
  • Certified Public Accountant- JORDAN ASSOCIATION, 2001.
  • CFA level -1, Candidate -CFA INSTITUTE, USA ,2010.

Prior experience

  • Michel Sindaha & co , certified public accountants &consultants , Assistant Auditor, 1998- 1999.
  • Audit & Consult Consortium – MRI , senior auditor , 1999-2002.
  • Ministry of Industry & Trade – CCD, Manger- Financial Control Department, 2002-2004.
  • Audit Bureau of Jordan, Financial Consultant , 2004-2007.
    Jordan Sulpho –chemicals Co, Chief Financial Officer- CEO Assistant For F&A, 2007-2009.
    The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co.Plc, Chief Financial Officer, Executive, 2009-2014.

Appointments& Memberships

Member of Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants, License Number: 753.

Professional Experience

Developed, authored and participated in professional consultancy services that is related to individual privet equity, investment funds, corporate structures, holding groups, governmental institutions and The judiciary:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Cash flow predictions and working capital management policies.
  • Financial needs and financing sources.
  • Business plans.
  • Business plans.
  • Budgeting.
  • Critic and Trends analysis.
  • Contingency plans and alternatives
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Performance Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Economical and Structural Transformation.
  • Insolvency and restructuring.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Valuation and assets evaluation.
  • Internal Audit and fraud detection.
  • Future insights and business mapping.


Numerous Training Courses, IFRS, Strategic Planning, Performance M&E, KAPI metrics buildup and empowerment, Art and Since of Negotiation and various CPT Hours, Business Valuation, Intellectual Property rights Management and Pharmacoeconomics

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