The Non-Operating Foreign Companies

(Companies Headquarters’ & Representative Offices)

According to Jordanian Corporate law, the non-operating Foreign Company in Jordan is a Company or an entity which has its regional or representative office in Jordan for operations that it conducts outside the Kingdom for the purpose of using such a regional or representative office for managing its operations and coordinating them with its headquarters, and it is prohibited from carrying out any business or commercial activity inside the Kingdom.


The registration of a Non-Operating Foreign Company in Jordan may be made in accordance with the provisions of corporate Law for establishing regional or representative offices, providing services, or technical or scientific offices.


A Non-Operating Foreign Company enjoys the following: a) Exemption from registration and publication fees applicable to Operating Foreign Companies. b) Exemption of profits generated by the Foreign Company from businesses conducted outside the Kingdom from both income and social services taxes. c) Exemption from registration with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, professional associations, and their registration fees and from any obligations towards same, including vocational trade license. d) Exemption of salaries and wages payable by the Non-Operating Foreign Company to its non-Jordanian employees who are working at its office in the Kingdom from income and social service taxes. e) Permission to import trade samples and models, free from customs and import taxes. f) Exemption of imported furniture and equipment necessary to furnish its office from customs and other fees and charges. g) Permitting the Company to import one car under a temporary entry status to be used by its non-Jordanian employees.


The Jordanian Corporate law provides that the number of Jordanian employees in a Non-Operating Foreign Company in the Kingdom should not be less than half of the overall number of the Company employees.


A Non-Operating Foreign Company shall be permitted to open with licensed commercial banks a non-resident account in Jordanian Dinars or in foreign currency, provided that these funds have been transferred to the Company from abroad through this bank.


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