The Registration Of Individuals & Companies In Free Zones

Free zones in Jordan offer investors exemptions from income and social services taxes, custom duties and import duties. Profits generated in free zones from exporting goods and transit trade are fully exempt from income tax, and investors may transfer profits outside Jordan without any restrictions. Moreover, the salaries of non-Jordanian employees working in free zones are exempt from income and social services taxes.

It shall not be permissible to any person to exercise any activity in the free zones unless he\she is registered at the Free Zones Corporation.

The right to register and license at the Corporation in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation is limited to the Individuals, Partnership Companies, Limited Partnership Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Foreign Companies and Vocational Corporations which are operating in the Kingdom in accordance with the provisions of the related legislations.

In Ihqaq, we offer services in the registration of individuals and companies in free zones, obtaining all permits and issuing all necessary licenses.

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