The Ownership & Participation Of Non-Jordanian In The Jordanian Companies

According to the Regulation of Regulating Non-Jordanian Investments, Foreign investors are allowed full ownership in many sectors, including manufacturing, hospitals, hotels, and Agriculture.

In the following sectors, however, foreign ownership cannot exceed 50 percent:

A: The Following commercial activities:

  1. Purchase of goods and other movable tangibles for purposes of leasing or renting for re-leasing thereof, including machinery and equipment, transport vehicles and other transport equipment, rent a car, aircraft (without operator) and ships, excluding financial leasing services conducted by banks, financial companies and insurance companies.
  2. Purchase of goods and other movable tangibles for purposes of selling with profits.
  3. Wholesale trade and retailing.
  4. Import and export excluding importation up till the Kingdom’s border outlets.
  5. Distribution of goods and services within the Kingdom including distribution of audiovisual works.
  6. Supply services excluding food catering that is not conducted by restaurants, cafes and cafeterias

B: The Following services:

  1. Engineering services, including all engineering categories, urban planning and landscape architectural services.
  2. Construction contracting including construction services and related engineering services.
  3. Technical testing services concerning soil tests and geotechnical testing for construction purposes.
  4. Maintenance and repair services of land transport equipment.
  5. Maintenance and repair services of radio and television transmitters and broadcast equipment.
  6. Photographic services including photocopying services and excluding motion picture and television photography services.
  7. Placement and supply services of personnel.
  8.  Brokerage services excluding financial brokerage and intermediaries conducted by banks, financial companies and financial services companies.
  9. Advertising services including advertising agencies and firms.
  10. Commercial agents and intermediary services and insurance agents.
  11. Money exchange services excluding those provided through banks or financial companies.
  12. Restaurants, cafes and cafeterias excluding those that are provided within hotels, motels, and on board of ships and trains.
  13. Travel Agencies and tour operators services (tourist and travel bureaus).

C: The following transport services:

  1. Maritime transport and auxiliary services, including:Passenger and freight transportation excluding transportation over ships owned by non- Jordanians.Maritime survey and inspection.Maritime freight forwarding.Shipping agents’ services.Ships chandlers,Ships brokers.Ships management services
  2. Air transport auxiliary services, including: Ground Handling.Freight Inspection.Packing and unpacking.Air Cargo Agents.Freight Forwarders.Cargo Terminals and Stores.Excluding :Engine Overhaul.Airports duty-free shops.Simulators Training.Computer Reservation System (CRS).
  3. Rail transport auxiliary services, including:Cargo handling.Inspection.Packing and unpacking.Storage & warehouse services.Freight transport agency services.Cargo Agents services.Excluding:Passenger and freight transportation.Pushing and towing services.Supporting services for rail transport such as rail passenger terminal services.
  4. Road transport services, including:Specialized tourist transportation services.Supporting services of road transport such as bus station services, parking services, services related to operating subways, bridges and highways.Auxiliary services to road transport including cargo handling services, storage and warehousing services, freight transport agency services, inspection services, packing and unpacking services and freight forwarders services.

D: Clearance services in cases where such clearance is linked to any of the services provided for in Paragraph C

E:  The purchasing of  lands to build  residential apartments and sell them or rent them.


In Certain sectors The Non-Jordanian investor ownership shall not exceed (49%) forty nine percent of the capital of any project in the following sectors and activities:

  1. Scheduled and non-scheduled passenger, freight and mail air transport services.
  2. Rental services of aircraft with operator.


Certain sectors are entirely closed to foreign investors, including the following:

  • Passenger transportation;
  • Freight road transportation, including taxis, buses and trucks;
  • Quarries activities;
  • Security services;
  • Investigation services; and
  • Sports services, including the organization of sports events and clubs.


The non-Jordanian investment shall not be less than (JD50,000) fifty thousand Jordanian Dinars or the equivalence thereof, with the exception of participating in public shareholding companies


Jordan’s Council of Ministers is entitled to waive any restriction on foreign equity in cases where national interest is served, or where the project will develop the economy, increase exports and create jobs for Jordanians, particularly in certain locations.


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