Moayad Al –Majali

Moayad Al–Majali

Head of Studies Section


Head of studies section at Ihqaq Law Firm.


B.Sc. Degree in Law, Jordanian university, 1999.

Prior Experience

  • Former Coordinator of the Development of Human Resources committee, The Jordanian Intellectual Property Association.
  • Former Legal Researcher at the International Company for the development of websites.

Practice Experience

  • Preparing legal research and studies regarding different legal subject matters.
  • Preparing Comparative Legal Studies ,Study of the constitutionality of laws and Regulations, and The suitability of law for International Treaties.
  • Assistance in the preparation of researches and studies for Graduate Studies.


An Advanced course in the detection of infringement of intellectual property rights, The Jordanian Association for Intellectual Property.

Studies & Articles

  • “The Appointment of the Acting President of the Ombudsman Bureau is‏ Against the Law”.
  • “The Membership of MP Maslamani is Dropped by Law”.
  • “The Appointment of the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court is Contrary to the Constitution”.