Abed Alqader Almaro

Abed Alqader Almaro



Associate at IHQAQ Law Firm

Areas of Practice

  • Commercial law.
  • Corporate law.
  • Litigation.
  • Execution law.
  • Labor law.
  • Landlords and Tenants Law


B.Sc. Degree in Law, Jordanian University, 2011.

Bar Association Membership

Advocacy license, Jordanian Bar Association, 2013.

Practice Experience

  • Representing clients in litigation , including Financial claims , Claim for damages , Insurance issues , Civil lawsuits , Bad checks cases , Landlords and tenants lawsuits .. etc .
  • Implementation of judgments to the execution department.
  • Implementation of foreign judgments

Legal Studies & Researches

Involving children in armed conflict, Jordanian bar association , 2014 .


  • Protection of the Rights of the Child in the Jordanian law.
  • Human trafficking and forced labor.
  • Drafting contracts.
  • Corporate Law.
  • Practical measures to Supreme Justice Lawsuits.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Providing and drafting legal advice.
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