Ihqaq Firm is considered as one of the leading Law Firms in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. With its history since 2001, Ihqaq has evolved as one of the most prominent leading law firms that provide the best legal services to a majority of clients and customers in a variety of sectors.

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Employment Law

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We advise our clients on employment contracts, help them in the negotiation process, and draft and complete employment contracts. Also, we make sure that our clients are aware of their rights and duties towards the employer.


We help our clients in drafting the internal regulation for organizing the work in the establishment that outline the working hours, daily and weekly rest period, work violations, penalties and measures taken in respect thereof including the discharge from work, method of its implementation and other details required by the nature of work.


Our lawyers are well versed in Jordan’s relevant laws hence we provide education services to company managements for the various human resource issues, and the structure of hiring and firing methods.


Our lawyers are well equipped to deal with cases regarding the breach of confidentiality agreements that are part of the employment contracts to help secure the trade secrets.


Also, we provide advice and assistance covering a broad range of employment and labour law issues, including:

  • Transfers and Mobility
  • Employment disputes, including pre-litigation advice and mediation
  • Labour unions
  • Employee benefits
  • Pensions
  • Internal Investigations
  • Termination
  • Restructuring


We have experience in different Labor lawsuits,  providing our clients with legal advice to deal with cases before going to the court. We also represent our clients before the courts in different types of employment issues.


We advise our clients on social security matters, Laborers income tax, obtaining work and residence permits of expatriates, etc.